इस लोक में अहिंसा से बड़ा कोई धर्म नही और हिंसा से बड़ा कोई अधर्म नही | अहिंसा ही माता के समान सर्वप्रानियो का हित करने वाली और संसार रुप मरुस्थली में अमृत बहाने वाली नहर है |


Ahinsha Dham From that time onwards,this samaj has grown rapidly with the help ,co-operation and support from its proud members. Currently there are hundreds of families registered as members and quite a few families have joined this samaj on a Life Time Basis

This samaj and its members have done a remarkable job of keeping traditional Jain religion and its culture alive in world. It also inspired kinds and children of all ages to learn and follow Jain religion